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Dental exam in Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill dental care
Cherry Hill dental care

The best strategy for keeping your teeth and gums strong and healthy combines good habits in your daily life and regular, twice-yearly visits for our Cherry Hill dental care in the form of a complete examination. At Koplin Dental, that includes a physical checkup of your teeth, x-rays, evaluating your occlusion (bite), a periodontal exam, teeth cleaning, and a screening for oral cancer. Our goal for you is prevention first, and early detection second.

Taking a look at your teeth will allow our dentist to notice any loose teeth, fillings, or restorations, as well as any abnormalities. X-rays give a close-up look at what cannot be seen with the naked eye. Even small cavities will be revealed, giving our Cherry Hill dental care the opportunity to address them with fillings before they can grow. Larger cavities make you more prone to infections in the pulp of your tooth, which can cause you to need root canal therapy or even lose your tooth. Your occlusion refers to the way your top and bottom teeth meet. It’s important to your oral health to have a well-aligned bite.

Your gums are as essential to your dental health as your teeth are. The first stage of gum disease, which is known as gingivitis, can be present without you realizing it, as symptoms may be mild or even non-existent. But as with most concerns, when it is allowed to progress, it will become more problematic and create more severe difficulties for you. For example, gingivitis can generally be reversed with a teeth cleaning. On the other hand, periodontitis, the second stage of gum disease, will usually require a deeper type of cleaning called scaling and root planing, in which our Cherry Hill dental care will involve the use of hand scarping and/or ultrasonic tools to clean out the plaque and tartar that have gotten down into the roots.

Speaking of teeth cleaning, it’s a key part of our Cherry Hill dental care. Plaque and its hardened form tartar are the culprits in causing tooth decay and gum disease. While most plaque is removed when you brush and floss, some of it stubbornly hides between teeth and in gum pockets. Ridding your mouth of it is vital. And finally, an oral cancer screening is done to ensure that if any indications of possible pathology are present, you can be referred to a specialist as soon as possible.

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