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Cherry Hill NJ dentist
Cherry Hill NJ dentist

A tooth needs to be strong and at its full, normal size in order to be 100% functional. But sometimes, due to various reasons, you end up with one or more teeth that don’t meet those standards. It could be because of advanced tooth decay. Or maybe it’s the result of a crack or chip in the tooth. Those are just a few of the reasons why our Cherry Hill NJ dentist will fit you for a crown. In addition to the structural benefits that they provide, they also offer cosmetic ones. A crown is very useful when it comes to covering up a tooth that is discolored, misshapen, or crooked. It is our goal, here at Koplin Dental, to help you to have a complete set of teeth that look great and let you chew, smile, and talk with total confidence.

Depending on where the tooth that needs a crown is located in your mouth, there are three basic materials that are used. For front teeth, porcelain is the preferred option. It has the advantage of being a very close match in color for your teeth, allowing your crown to blend in aesthetically. In addition, it is resistant to stains, meaning that if you are a smoker or you like foods and drinks such as berries, red wine, coffee, tea, cola, and curry, you can depend on porcelain to hold up to their discoloration effects for a lot longer than other materials would. Back teeth, on the other hand, require a stronger choice; one that can withstand the force of chewing. For those teeth, which are not visible to the world, metal or porcelain fused to metal will typically be recommended by our Cherry Hill NJ dentist.

When you need a crown, the process usually means two visits for you to our restorative dentist. First, impressions will be taken so that they can be sent off to the dental lab, where your crown will be crafted. You’ll return when the crown is ready and our Cherry Hill NJ dentist will fit it, make any necessary adjustments, and then cement it to the top of your tooth for permanence.

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