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Difference between dental bridge and denture

Dental office in Cherry Hill NJ
Dental office in Cherry Hill NJ

Losing teeth is something that many people end up having to deal with, especially with age. Teeth can be lost to injury, infection, decay, disease or simply old age. No matter how a tooth is lost, it should be replaced as soon as possible so as to restore the balance of your bite which will, in turn, completely restore your dental health. Depending on the tooth you lost, as well as how many, you may be able to benefit from either a dental bridge or dentures of some kind. Here at our dental office in Cherry Hill NJ, Koplin Dental, we can provide you with either device depending on your needs.

Replacing lost teeth is important, and using the right tools in order to achieve this is equally important as well. Dental bridges and dentures are both used in order to reconstruct smiles where teeth have been lost for one reason or another, but they do so in different ways and are designed to meet different, specific needs. A dental bridge is used to fill in the gap of a tooth or several that have been lost. These devices are used for smaller amounts of lost teeth and, quite literally, bridge the gap left behind by those teeth. A dental bridge is often anchored to your surrounding natural teeth by dental crowns or some other means, but the artificial tooth is then attached to the anchor and when put in place will sit in the area left behind by your missing teeth. Our dentist here at Koplin Dental can provide you with a custom made dental bridge that will suit your needs. Additionally, our dentist can also provide you with dentures right here at our dental office in Cherry Hill NJ as well. Dentures are used to replace larger sections of teeth, if not an entire row of teeth. The artificial teeth are all lined in a row and set onto a base that resembles your gums so that they produce a seamless looking smile when they are being worn. Dentures are typically set into your mouth with the use of an adhesive paste.

If you are missing teeth, then you should call us here at Koplin Dental as soon as you can to schedule an appointment with one of our dentist in order to explore your options. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a dental bridge or dentures right here at our dental office in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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