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Dental bridges and dentures in Marlton

Dental office in Marlton
Dental office in Marlton

Both dental bridges and dentures have a long history of success behind them for our dental office in Marlton to recommend them as excellent methods for the replacement of missing teeth. And while both serve the same function, there are important differences. Which will be the better option for you will depend on your preferences. Here at Koplin Dental, we’re dedicated to giving you the best and healthiest smile possible; one that allows you to talk, chew, laugh, and do everything you want, without any self-consciousness.

A bridge is a fixed restoration, meaning that once it is fitted to your mouth, it is permanent and you cannot take it out whenever you want to. The process starts with impressions taken at our dental office in Marlton. Those are sent off to the dental lab, where your bridge will be fashioned to fit you precisely. The bridge consists of prosthetic teeth attached to a base. It will be cemented to your gums, and then attached with an anchor to the tooth on either side of the bridge. This requires that those two teeth are drilled down and a cap placed on top to hold the anchors securely.

Dentures are available from our dental office in Marlton as both partial, for replacing one or a few missing teeth, or complete, for when you need to address all of the teeth on your lower or upper jaw. The primary difference between a bridge and dentures is that dentures are removable. The partial variety are similar to a bridge in that they consist of the correct number of replacement teeth attached to a base. But instead of being permanently cemented to your gums and anchored to your teeth, you use dental adhesive to hold it in at the gums, and clasps are used to keep it held in on either side. Therefore, your other teeth remain unaffected by it. Complete dentures are the same, except there are no clasps, since there are no remaining natural teeth to attach it to. Dental adhesive is not always 100% reliable, which may be of concern. But on the other hand, some patients find that dentures feel more natural than a bridge. Our dentist will discuss the pros and cons of both restorations with you, to help you make the right decision for your circumstances.

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