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Keeping your gums healthy and strong is just as vital to your oral health as maintaining your teeth. Koplin dental offers gum disease evaluations as an essential part of doing just that. By doing a thorough checkup of your gums, our Moorestown dentist, Dr. Michael W. Koplin, can detect any potential concerns as early as possible and treat them before they progress and lead to bigger problems.

Dental Checkups Moorestown
Dental Checkups Moorestown

While it is recommended to get a complete dental exam that includes x-rays and a dental cleaning twice per year, a gum disease evaluation is need once per year. However, if you detect signs of gum disease, it is a good idea to make an appointment to be examined by our Moorestown dentist right away. Among the signs of gum disease are gums that are swollen or bright red, receding gums, persistent bad breath, gums that are tender to the touch, having a bad taste in your mouth, bleeding gums, and loose teeth. However, many of these symptoms are indications of more advanced gum disease. A gum disease evaluation is designed to find and eradicate it before it reaches that point. Gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, may not yield obvious signs to you and that is precisely why an evaluation is so beneficial.

As part of your evaluation, our Moorestown dentist will discuss your medical and dental history, heredity, and other risk factors that can play into your gum health and overall dental well being. Paying attention to your gum health is very important because weak or diseased gums can create an unreliable foundation for your teeth, which under the worst circumstances can become loose and fall out as a result of gum disease.

There is a side benefit to your gum disease evaluation, too. Gum disease can indicate problems that need to be addressed elsewhere in your body. That is because inflammation is often not confined to just one region, and the sooner it is treated the less likely it will be to spread. There has even been proven associations between gum disease and heart disease, as well as diabetes.

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