Family dentist in Cherry Hill

Family Dentist in Cherry Hill

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Dental care for all ages in Cherry Hill

Family dentist in Cherry Hill
Family dentist in Cherry Hill

While some dental needs stay the same throughout your life, there are specific concerns that are more applicable for children than for adults; and others that are focused on more in senior years than in adulthood. At Koplin Dental, we’re pleased to provide dental care for all ages, and that means not just providing service to your whole family, from pre-school years all the way up to the golden years, but also applying the expertise and experience to address the issues that each member of your household has regarding their teeth and gums.

Every one of our valued patients should have a checkup two times per year, along with a teeth cleaning. It’s truly the foundation of good oral wellness. Dental plaque and tartar know no age. They combine to erode precious tooth enamel, irritate gums, and eventually inflame and infect them given the opportunity. Teeth cleanings from our family dentist in Cherry Hill eliminate plaque and tartar. If any tooth decay has taken place, it is best to fill the cavity while it is still small. Larger cavities put you at increased risk for bacterial infection and for losing a tooth. Also, early stage gum disease can be stopped and reversed when caught in a timely manner. Our family dentist in Cherry Hill has a full range of services. Our pediatric patients get extra attention to the transition from baby to adult teeth, and also to the gentle care that they need to feel at ease. Senior patients may require more focus in order to maintain teeth as they age. We offer root canals, dentures, implants, teeth whitening, and other services to give you strong, healthy, long-lasting teeth that look fantastic, at any age.

Regardless of what stage of life, our family dentist in Cherry Hill is fully prepared to do what our practice has been doing for over 30 years: promoting outstanding dental wellness. Call us to arrange an appointment.

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