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Dental Implants

Are you concerned about the level of care required to restore your smile to perfect health? Missing teeth are a far more common problem than many of us realize, but the spaces they leave behind are not just a cosmetic problem. Gaps in your smile due to missing teeth pose a serious threat to the continue health and longevity of your remaining teeth. Fortunately, the process of replacing missing teeth is more effective today than ever before. You can find the care you need to smile and enjoy your favorite meals with confidence with the help of your local implant dentist in Mount Laurel at the state of the art practice of Koplin Dental.

Dental implants are the number one doctor and patient recommended method of replacing

Dental Office Mount Laurel
Dental Office Mount Laurel

missing teeth today. This is due to the simple fact that implants are the only permanent solution to smile restorations which does not harm any of the remaining teeth of your smile. The first step towards dental implant treatment is a consulation with your licensed implant dentist in Mount Laurel, where a state of the art examination and one on one discussions with your doctor can answer all of your questions about whether or not this treatment is right for you. Consultations will include a variety of computerized imaging and digital dental x-rays for careful planning that allows for exact placement of your new dental implants. Unlike dental bridges, which cause harm to the adjacent teeth in order to be properly secured, dental implants utilize a titanium post place directly into the bone of the jaw. This post works to mimic the structure of your natural teeth by allowing a period of four to six months after placement for the jaw bone to grow around the titanium post just as it would the roots of your own teeth. Once the healing process is complete, the titanium post is fitted with a metal abutment which is topped with a porcelain crown. Each crown or cap is custom made especially for you to perfectly mimic the shape of your missing tooth, all while matching the shade of your smile. Porcelain also works to resist staining better than your own teeth, for a worry free smile restoration.

For the very best in care for missing teeth, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood implant dentist in Mount Laurel. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the welcoming practice of Koplin Dental have bene proudly serving your local community with the latest advances in dental technology and procedure for over 25 years to treat the needs of patients of all ages. With dental implants from Koplin Dental you can enjoy a picture perfect smile once more.

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