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Dental Cleanings in Laurel

A periodontal cleaning is done as needed or to control gum disease. Each cleaning is done to completely rid all pockets of bacteria. To make an appointment with our Laurel best dentist at Koplin Dental, call today. We perform a variety of cleaning procedures as well as periodontal cleanings for patients. Dental cleanings are done in order to clear the mouth of bacteria and prevent plaque and tartar from building up.

During cleanings our instruments allow us to get in places where regular brushes cannot, such as under the gums. A periodontal cleaning is done when there is severe gum loss or gum disease and the pockets of the gums have deepened and inside the flaps where bacteria hides. The purpose of this kind of cleaning is to try to save the teeth from gum disease by relieving the swelling and inflammation that gum disease causes. With proper cleaning, treatment and cleanings, it is possible to reverse gum disease to a healthier state. If the pockets under the gums get too decayed due to bacteria hiding in the pockets, a periodontal cleaning with our Laurel best dentist may be needed.

Annual cleanings can help you and your family have healthier, whiter teeth and how we can teach you and your family the importance of preventive care. Annual dental cleanings allow our dentist to get into space in the teeth where regular brushing and flossing alone cannot. We use certain tools that get inside the pockets to remove the dental plaque. Periodontal cleanings can rid the pockets of the bacteria so that the gums are relieved. If the pockets of the gums becomes under 4mm, we may recommend a periodontal root scaling or planing. Over time, with good hygiene and regular cleanings, the gum disease can be eased up. We’re open Monday through Friday, with a variety of hours.

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