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Common causes of teeth stains in Laurel

We all know that you don’t just wake up one morning and your teeth have turned from brightly white to stained, discolored, and dull. It’s a gradual process and it often takes just the motivation to seek help with it. Here at Koplin Dental, we offer effective, safe whitening treatments that counteract the common causes of teeth stains.

Wine, both red and white, stain teeth, but they are not by any means the only beverages that do so. Cola is another culprit. But when it comes to the drinks that are among, if not the, most popular of all, it’s coffee and tea. Many people can’t seem to start their days without it. Does that describe you? If so, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that because you can take advantage of our Laurel teeth whitening. Foods include berries, soy sauce, and curry. At the top of the list of teeth staining items is tobacco. Smoking and vaping are very much the same for the purposes of your tooth color, which may very well become yellow or brown, particularly with heavy usage. Another common cause is tetracycline, a popular prescription medication. In addition, your tooth enamel wears down slowly over time. Underneath it is duller tissue, called dentin. So a loss of whiteness is inevitable to some extent. It’s a good thing that you can count on our Laurel teeth whitening. The incredible Philips Zoom system is used in our office. Results are noticeable, with up to 8 shades of improvement, in just about 45 minutes. Or do it at home with our convenient whitening trays. They work more slowly, but within two weeks (or less) the outcome is equally satisfying.

Don’t let teeth stains affect your confidence or your self-esteem. There’s a way to easily change things. Reach out to our office today and book an appointment for our Laurel teeth whitening.

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