Laurel toothache

Laurel Toothache

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Common causes of toothaches in Laurel

When you notice a toothache, you probably aren’t all that concerned for the moment with what caused it. But here at Koplin Dental, identifying the reason behind it is key to proper treatment. We know that the one thing you want most of all is relief, and that is our priority. However, ensuring that you keep your natural tooth strong and viable is also high on our list, and we’re sure it’s on yours, too.

Your Laurel toothache may be due to a cavity. Dental decay occurs when the bacterial acids produced by dental plaque and tartar erode your enamel to form holes in the tooth structure. As with all the common causes, your nerve becomes exposed, and this is why you are noticing a problem. Also as with the other causes, you are at risk of bacteria getting inside your tooth and infecting the delicate pulp next to the nerve. For that reason, it is essential that you have your Laurel toothache taken care of at the earliest opportunity. Your Laurel toothache may also be the result of a loose or lost filling, or a chipped or cracked tooth. Cavities and filling issues require the placement of a new filling. This will restore your tooth’s protective barrier and alleviate your suffering. For the chipped or cracked tooth, a dental crown is fashioned from impressions that our dentist takes. You’ll be fitted with a temporary while the permanent is being made. Root canal therapy is required if an infection has been sustained. Of course, all treatment is done with expert and gentle care.

Call us immediately when you have a Laurel toothache. There is no benefit in delaying. Doing so, in fact, could result either in root canal or the loss of the tooth when you could have otherwise avoided it.

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