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Marlton dental bridges and dentures

Replacing your missing teeth will provide you with even more than a brilliantly restored smile. More importantly, replacing one or more missing teeth will likely help prevent additional loss as well as facilitate the return of your clear speech, allow you to comfortably eat by improving your ability to bite and chew, while preventing the surrounding teeth from shifting out of their current position. An initial visit to Marlton dental office, Koplin Dental, will comprise of an extensive examination of your teeth and gums as well as determine whether your missing teeth should be replaced with either a dental bridge or denture.

Your particular condition will receive an individual diagnosis by the professional staff at Koplin Dental and potential treatment plan, but the following information is offered as an educational overview of the differences between a dental bridge and dentures. A bridge may be used to fill the gap made by one or more missing teeth and is anchored to a tooth at each end that has received a dental crown or may be a dental implant. Prosthetic teeth custom made to suit your color, shape and size teeth comprise the bridge. Dentures may be partial and removable, comprised of multiple teeth that are not necessarily in a row to enable the partial to be fitted within your natural teeth or full dentures which are a complete set of top or bottom teeth which may require the use of adhesive to hold them in place. Both partial and full dentures are mounted to a base that is gum colored.

Whether a dental bridge or dental is the right solution for you, the most important step is to schedule an initial examination appointment at Marlton dental office, Koplin Dental. We may be reached either by our website or by calling (856) 866-5511. A friendly and knowledgeable member of our professional team will be able to assist you with questions or concerns regarding payment options, accepted insurance plans, directions and of course, helping you make a convenient appointment. We look forward to meeting with you and seeing you leave with the beautiful, funcational and healthy smile you have always wanted and deserve.

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