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Marlton Teeth Restorations

There are plenty of people that live with missing teeth. Whether teeth are lost due to injury, to old age, or to decay, it is important that these teeth are replaced with artificial ones in order to maintain good oral health. Here at Koplin Dental, our Marlton general dentist, Dr. Michael Koplin, can provide patients with several options when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Some of the options available here at Koplin Dental include dental bridges and dentures, but a comprehensive oral exam with Dr. Koplin can help determine which method of dental restoration will work the best for you.

Dental bridges and dentures are both used to restore the appearance and the function of a smile, but each method works differently and meets different needs. A dental bridge literally bridges the gap that is left behind by one or more missing teeth and is supported by natural teeth or dental implants. Typically, a bridge is made of two or more dental crowns, one for each of the teeth on either side of the gap in question. These crowns will anchor the artificial tooth in the middle which

Marlton Dentist
Marlton Dentist

will replace the missing tooth or teeth. These artificial teeth can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or any combination of the aforementioned materials. Alternatively, dentures, whether partial or full, are composed of several artificial teeth that are set into a molded, gum-like base. Partial dentures are pretty much just what they sound like: they provide a few to several artificial teeth in a row in order to complete a smile with missing teeth. Full dentures, however, are meant for either the entire top row of teeth or the entire bottom row of teeth, if not both. Here at Koplin Dental, our Marlton general dentist can examine your mouth and help determine which method of dental restoration will work the best in order to meet your needs.

If you are missing teeth, there is no reason to wait any longer. To take the first step towards restoring your smile call us here at Koplin Dental today to learn more about the difference between dental bridges and dentures, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Koplin, our Marlton general dentist, today.

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