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Dentures and Bridges in Marlton

As our Marlton general dentist will explain, the main difference between a dental bridge and a denture is that, once inserted into place, a bridge is permanent and you can’t remove them. Dentures, however, are dental appliances that you are able to remove and place back in your mouth. Based on your customized mouth impression, dentures are made in a laboratory. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), there are four types of dentures. They include complete, which replace all of your teeth along with the connecting tissue, and partials, made up of one or more fake teeth, held in place by clasps placed on nearby teeth. Dentures are also classified as immediate, which are placed in your mouth immediately after your teeth are removed, and conventional, that are placed in your mouth following a healing period.

Bridges, used by our Marlton general dentist, are often called a “fixed bridge” or “fixed partial denture.” A traditional bridge is a combination of a false tooth, or teeth, bordered on each side by crowns. The crowns are cemented over the healthy teeth, on each side of the missing space. The false tooth, or teeth, bridge the gap in between. In a bonded bridge, the false teeth are attached with resin cement and metal bands. Or, according to the ADA, an implant bridge attaches the false teeth directly to the jaw or under the gum tissue.

The cost of both a dental bridge and a denture are different, with the bridge being more expensive. However, for a patient to cope with a new removable partial denture is sometimes difficult, so it’s better to give a bridge if the condition allows. Our Marlton general dentist is able to determine which prosthesis will better suit you, either a bridge or a removable partial denture. At Koplin Dental, our experts will know what to recommend after seeing your oral cavity and your teeth clinically. Our well-educated staff is available to answer any questions you may have so please don’t hesitate to ask further and understand better.

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