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Koplin Dental is your go-to Moorestown general dentist office for dental exams and cleanings. You will find that our office is friendly and welcoming. Our staff has taken great care to make sure our office is a positive environment where patients feel comfortable and anxiety free. In our mission to provide our patients with the very best in oral health care, we make sure that all of our patients receive the caring and individualized treatment they deserve. In order to better serve you, we use only the latests techniques and have some of the most advanced equipment that modern dentistry offers. We know how important good oral health care is, and regular dental exams allow us to screen our patients for oral cancer, and gum diseases, which if gone untreated can result in much more serious problems down the line.

Dental Cleanings Moorestown
Dental Cleanings Moorestown

At your checkup we thoroughly examine your teeth for any possible decay. We also check jaw function and your gum health. The hygienist will clean your teeth in order to properly remove any plaque and hardened food particles, which contribute to gum disease. Then, using our state-of-the-art VizLite system, we screen for oral cancer. Oral cancer is a potentially deadly disease, luckily, when caught early, oral cancer has a much improved cure rate. Because of this, we at Koplin Dental recommend regular checkups and cleanings at our Moorestown general dentist office. Regular checkups allow us to identify and treat problems before they create serious and irreversible damage.

Good oral hygiene starts at home, but without regular dental exams and cleanings at your local Moorestown general dentist office, you will not have the best oral health care possible. When you make regular trips to Koplin Dental, you are ensuring that your teeth are healthy and beautiful, and that your gums are not at risk of gum disease. These dental exams and cleanings are painless and relatively fast, taking only an hour or so out of your day. We’re open Monday through Friday, so come on in and see us soon. Protecting the oral health of you and your family is our top priority.

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