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For many of us, achieving whiter teeth can be a daily battle that ends in little to no results, and an endless array of product after product that fails to live up to its guarantee. The truth is that there are far more foods and drinks that can stain teeth than many of us realize, and products from your grocery store or pharmacy can be easily misused and ineffective. To get a truly noticeably whiter smile, put down the box back on the shelf, and pick up the phone to book an appointment with your local Mt. Laurel dental office at Koplin Dental, where a whiter smile can be yours in just one visit.

Many of us are aware that certain drinks which we love can cause problems for our teeth, but did you know that dental staining can also be caused by many of the foods you love too? Both white and red wines can cause staining to the teeth, just as easily as many of the fruits and vegetables we love to eat to stay healthy and energized. However, just because your favorite berries and beets cause problems for your teeth does not mean you should give up healthy habits for the sake of cosmetic dentistry. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff at your trusted Mt. Laurel dental office can work with you to find the right mode of professional whitening that will give you the brighter smile you want, without sacrificing the diet you love.

Dental Care 08054
Dental Care 08054

Professional whitening can work to lift even the most stubborn of stains to give you the whiter smile you want around your schedule. For those who want results instantly, our in-office whitening treatments utilize state of the art dental technology with a low-light laser and specialized whitening gel to give you a shades brighter smile in under an hour, with just one visit to your professional Mt. Laurel dental office. For those who prefer to have their teeth cared for in their own homes, our at-home whitening systems can give you all of the convenience you love of at-home dental care, with the effectiveness that only professional cosmetic dentistry can provide. Our specialized whitening gel and custom-made trays fit perfectly to your teeth for whitening you can do anytime, anywhere.

At Koplin Dental our fully licensed and professionally trained staff are proud to offer our patients the best of cosmetic and family dentistry. With professional whitening treatments from our state of the art offices you can receive the whiter smile you want that fits around your schedule. With Koplin Dental, our doctors will work with you to give your brighter teeth you deserve.

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