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Mt. Laurel Dental Crowns

If you need a restorative dentist in Mt. Laurel, you will want to visit Koplin Dental. Dr. Michael Koplin is a highly-trained restorative dentist, who is expert in the creation of custom dental crowns. The name “crown” is actually interchangeable with the word “cap,” when it comes to dental terms. Crowns are a great solution for a damaged tooth, and typically will last anywhere between 10 to 40 years.

When you visit your restorative dentist in Mt. Laurel, at Koplin Dental, Dr. Koplin may suggest a custom made crown if you have a tooth that has a break, extensive decay or extreme wear. The crown is a lab-created structure, usually made of porcelain, metal, or a combination of the two materials. It is made to fit snugly over a damaged tooth. This crown will enable the patient to once again enjoy full functioning of the tooth. The tooth will be effective and comfortable to chew with, and there will be no interference with the patient’s ability to speak clearly. Once the crown is in place, you probably will not even think about it at all. You will come to regard it as one of your natural teeth.

When you visit your restorative dentist in Mt. Laurel, at Koplin Dental, a crown will be made for you that not only looks great and blends in perfectly with your smile, but it will be fitted so that it is perfectly comfortable in your mouth. An ill-fitting crown can feel too high, and your bite will never feel comfortable as long as the crown is left unadjusted. To keep your smile bright and beautiful, Dr. Koplin will most likely recommend a porcelain crown. Getting fitted with a crown will usually take several visits until the process is complete. Impressions of your tooth will be taken, so that the permanent crown can be created in the lab. You will be fitted with a temporary crown to wear until the permanent crown is available. Once the permanent crown is created and in place, Dr. Koplin will take measures to be sure that it fits correctly, is comfortable, and does not interfere with your normal bite. Once you leave the office with your new crown in place, you will need to care for it the way you do your natural teeth: come in for regular checkups and use good brushing and flossing technique at home.

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