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Teeth Cleaning in Marlton

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Dental Exams in Marlton

Teeth Cleaning in Marlton
Teeth Cleaning in Marlton

Comprehensive annual dental exams are an important part of everyone’s overall health and wellness regimen. At Koplin Dental in Mount Laurel, we provide complete dental exams, high quality x-rays, screenings for oral cancer as well as a thorough check for gum disease. During your teeth cleaning in Marlton we’ll walk you through each procedure as well as educate you on the importance of annual dental exams. After your comprehensive dental exam, we’ll create a treatment plan specified to just you to get your mouth back to better health.

Our family friendly dental office only uses the latest in state of the art equipment and materials so that we can provide you with top notch service. Our x-rays are done using easy and comfortable techniques. During your gum disease evaluation, we will check for any signs of periodontitis. Periodontitis is an inflammation of the gum that can range from mild to severe. It can cause gingivitis and tooth loss if not detected early. When periodontitis starts, food and other debris can get caught in between the teeth and gums, causing infection. Proper brushing and an annual teeth cleaning in Marlton at our offices can help to combat gingivitis and other gum conditions. We offer gum disease therapy as well as checkups and cleanings, so you and your family can maintain the best oral health.

During your dental exam and teeth cleaning in Marlton, Dr. Koplin will examine your teeth for decay and perform your oral cancer screening using a technology called ViziLite. ViziLite is an oral cancer screening system that helps oral healthcare doctors check for any suspicious activity, such as lesions or precancerous cells. This is an important way to address and detect early oral cancers, which can be reversed if detected and treated early enough. At Koplin Dental, we’re proud to offer you and your family these services and more to help keep your mouth and smile healthy. Our therapies are designed to treat each patient individually, and our offices clean and comfortable and guaranteed to put you at ease. We specialize in helping children relax by providing them with a fun environment.

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